Het ministerie van Cultuur in Gibraltar en de organisatie van Miss Gibraltar hebben deze week bevestigd dat ze de Miss Gibraltar verkiezing niet zullen laten doorgaan zolang de Covid-19 pandemie niet voorbij is.

Dit is de officiële mededeling:

The Ministry for Culture and GCS would like to clarify that there is no intention of holding the Miss Gibraltar Pageant unless and until the pandemic passes and it is once again safe to do so. This is the case for all performances in Gibraltar, including the Drama Festival, recently announced. The Ministry and GCS have worked hard to keep Culture alive through the pandemic keeping within all the guidelines and ensuring cultural activities continue online. Any suggestion that this will not be so with Miss Gib is totally without foundation. We must look ahead and plan with caution for a return to normality.
There are many dancers, actors and musicians raring to go so we must plan ahead, but absolutely nothing will happen until it is entirely safe to do so. All performers have every respect for all those working hard to deal with the pandemic, and look forward to a time when they will be able to pay tribute to them in the way they do best.

Een dikke pluim voor de organisatie en het Ministerie van Cultuur die de volksgezondheid en het respect t.o.v. het zorgpersoneel als prioriteiten stelt en dus niet kost wat kost zijn verkiezing fysiek laat doorgaan!

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