De Miss International 2020 verkiezing in Japan gaat niet door. De finale van de 60e editie was gepland voor 29 oktober. Het is meteen de eerste grandslam verkiezing die openlijk communiceert over zijn 2020 editie en dat kunnen we alleen maar toejuichen. Een officiële verklaring van de organisatie komt er volgende week.

Stephen Inventor-Diáz, Marketing Director bij Miss International Beauty Pageant, geeft toelichting op deze beslissing via zijn Facebook pagina:

“We thought about the health and safety, first and foremost. If there’s no guarantee that the delegates won’t get sick due to Covid-19, then it’s best not to hold it. As to why we informed the national directors about the cancellation now, well, I insisted that we need to be fair to our national directors. They deserve to know about it at the earliest time possible so they won’t be left hanging. Forcing them to plan and produce a national finals, and to spend for their delegate’s trip to Japan – under the present economic circumstance – is just very insensitive and irresponsible. There are even those who have already started doing their pageant, and some countries have already selected or appointed a delegate. We leave to them the decision of appointing the delegate for next year, or not. But more than 85% of the remaining national organizations depend on the direction that we are taking. We did not wish for the pandemic to happen, more so, we did not want to have the negative effect that it has caused to the global and respective local economy. The least that we can do now is to let our partners and stakeholders get back on their feet, and to stay healthy and strong”.

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