De organisatoren van Miss Charm hebben een officiële mededeling gepost over hun eerste editie die zal plaatshebben in Vietnam. Door de wereldwijde gezondheidssituatie werd deze nieuwe internationale verkiezing noodgedwongen verschoven. Het is nog niet duidelijk wanneer Miss Charm 2020 zal doorgaan want de organisatoren stellen de gezondheid en veiligheid op de eerste plaats!

Dear National Directors, Contestants, our Partners and Supporters,

As previously announced, due to the effects of a global disease outbreak, the Miss Charm 2020 has been postponed to ensure the health and welfare of our candidates and crew, in particular to the community.

The globe has joined hands for fighting the disease over a difficult time and until now the epidemic situation in Vietnam – the host country has been well controlled by the government and praised by the world.

However, COVID-19 worldwide is still complicated. Our organizing committee is continuing to track relevant details in each country. In addition, we are also waiting for the IATA (International Air Transport Association) announcement about opening international routes to Vietnam.

On the production side, all have always been ready to take place this year and dedicated to organizing a competition with rigorous criteria for ensuring everyone’s safety and health.

Therefore, we will make an announcement about the time to host Miss Charm 2020 after considering the conditions and sharing it with other nations.

We hope everyone can continue supporting and accompanying as well as encouraging the dissemination of the Miss Charm pageant’s positive and humane ideals.

Especially, always take care of yourself, stay safe and healthy! ❤️

Best wishes,

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